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Anunada - Between Space : Group Show

January 14-February 15, 2024

Threshold Art Gallery, C-221, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi, India

Threshold Art Gallery presents Anunada – Between Space, featuring works by Rajendra Dhawan and Pandit Khairnar. Anunada, a Sanskrit term literally meaning consequent sound, aptly describes the exhibition presenting two artists whose practice is separated by decades and yet their language of abstraction echoes a similar tone.

Dhawan’s surfaces throb of gestural colour patches, strewn together by merging the edges that naturally forms another colour shade-tone. Khairnar’s surfaces, on the other hand, are seamless orbits of colour tonalities. Once again reminiscent of earth tones, the translucent canvases refract a subtle effulgence.

Find out more about the show here.