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Auscultation: False Clouds and Real Deluges – I: Atul Bhalla

November 2-December 1, 2023

Vadehra Art Gallery | D-53, Defence Colony, New Delhi, India

Vadehra Art Gallery presents Auscultation: False Clouds and Real Deluges – I, a much-awaited solo exhibition by artist Atul Bhalla.

Motivated by the search for social and environmental inquiries through an oeuvre that incorporates sculpture, painting, installation, video, photography and performance, Atul Bhalla has for decades explored the physical, historical and political significance of materials and materiality in urban-impact environments.

In an effort to foreground climate change through his practice, Bhalla turned to conjoining images, material and imaginings along the course of these coordinates, particularly where human presence was palpable, as diaristic documents of the weather’s history so as to make propositions about the alarming changes in climate conditions. The show attempts to explore a diagnosis of the world’s now unpredictable extreme weather patterns through a sampling of its meteorology, offering prophetic meditations on an inundated future.

Find out more about the show here.