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Boundless: Group Show

January 20, 2022-March 20, 2023

Arushi Arts, W-23 Greater Kailash part-2,New Delhi, Delhi

Arushi Arts presents Boundless, a group exhibition featuring Abu Oluwaseyi, Rotimi Godwin, Saidou Dicko, Marty Thornton, Lindsey Nobel, Mr. Sellout, Valay Shende, Ganesh Selvraj.

A special showcase to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the gallery’s inception, Boundless presents a selection of Indian and international artists together in a single exhibit. Each expresses what art without boundaries signifies for them and is at par with the universal language of presenting an amalgamation of various cultures and traditions in one place. The idea of one world and unity in diversity stands out in this show which is lovingly produced and this is possible in the world of art.