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Rehabilitating our human spirit under capitalism: Yoshinori Niwa

10-22 March, 2023

Tenshin Okakura Gallery, Japan Foundation, 5A, Ring Rd, near Moolchand Metro Station, Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar IV, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Prameya Art Foundation presents Rehabilitating our human spirit under capitalism, a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Yoshinori Niwa.

The exhibition, Rehabilitating our human spirit under capitalism brings together several works from Yoshinori Niwa’s artistic practice which all relate to his interest in the mechanisms by which the logic of capital operates in everyday spaces. He attempts to interrupt its flows momentarily with performative actions, gestures and questions that ostensibly seem absurd for their simplicity but are able to reveal how glitched capitalism really is, and the easiness with which it is possible to occupy its cracks and subvert it. The apparent absolutism with which markers of late capitalism floods our streets, homes and markets are made weak, and the structures that have been forcibly invisibilized are made apparent, almost as if he were a homoeopath, a shaman or an acupuncturist, microdosing us with each (playful) action. The previous works on view by the artist situate the new project ‘Living in someone’s possessions’ and the exhibition will open with a public artist’s talk by Yoshinori Niwa at the Japan Foundation.

Yoshinori Niwa’s practice takes the form of social interventions realized through performance, video, and installation. His works all bear self-explanatory, slogan-like titles, and are executed primarily on the street and in public spaces. In recent years, Niwa has taken an interest in the history of communism, moving on to projects that explore the nature of national history.