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Embodied Vestiges - Group Show

July 5-August 16, 2024

Iram Art Gallery, Block A 502/503 Navratna Park, Ambli Bopal Road, Ahmedabad, India

Embodied Vestiges, curated by Satyajit Dave, prompts philosophical inquiry into the nature of time, memory, and existence. Through the works of Dinar Sultana and Promiti Hossain, the curatorial directions of the exhibition emphasise the persistence of the past within the present. While vestiges in the form of Memory, Artefact, Customs, Ritual, Language, etc are central in examining the nature of historical processes and events, our biological programming of anticipation of the future allows us to locate our ‘being in the world’.
The works and curatorial features in the exhibition illustrate how these vestiges of the past persist and manifest in the present. They span physical, cultural, and psychological dimensions, all contributing to a complex and layered understanding of temporality.
To know more about the exhibition, head to the gallery’s website here.