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Every Bone a Song: Biraaj Dodiya

10-23 November, 2022

Experimenter, First Floor, Sunny House, 16/18 Merewether, Road, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharastra, India

Experimenter presents Every Bone a Song, contemporary artist Biraaj Dodiya’s second solo at the gallery and her first solo exhibition at Experimenter–Colaba in Mumbai, where Dodiya lives and works.

Presenting a series of new paintings and sculptures, the exhibition continues Dodiya’s inquiry of the body and landscape and of related thoughts on support, surface, structure and material. Large abstract oil paintings are installed alongside wooden painted planks and steel ‘anchor plate’ sculptures, that sit at the juncture between painting and sculpture and are closely linked with how the paintings are made and viewed. The paintings displayed develop much like an excavation site with extended processes of layering and digging.

Ultimately, each set of work becomes a record of its own upended language. The painted surface continues into the sculptures, like repair or sealing with material that forms protective skins, where the planks combined with paintings, stand like signposts and visual beams, existing between two worlds, touching both floor and wall, sky and earth.