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Postform: Katayoun Karami

September 23-November 20, 2022

Vida Heydari Contemporary, Marvel Alaina, Lane 8, Koregaon Park, Pune, India

Vida Heydari Contemporary presents POSTFORM, a solo exhibition featuring works from Iranian contemporary artist Katayoun Karami.

POSTFORM gracefully captures the expression of self, influenced by the socio-political environment experienced by the artist during her life in the Middle East. The exhibition showcases various series of artworks produced by the artist from 2004 – encapsulating themes around biased sense of gender expression, shift in the societal norms over the course of history, communal experiences, migration and more.

Through this exhibition, the artist attempts to make the viewers experience and carry with them the fragments of the daily lives of the residents in the war-torn and volatile socio-political environment of Iran and neighbouring countries by making use of a wide variety of mediums which give her the freedom to express herself based on the theme of each series.