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January 14-April 24, 2021 11:00 am — 6:00 pm

Chatterjee & Lal, Floor 1, Kamal Mansion, 01/18, Arthur Bunder Rd, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Chatterjee & Lal latest exhibition Head in the Clouds brings together works from contemporary and historical contexts across a range of media.

Given the wealth of living traditions in the Indian subcontinent, it is perhaps unsurprising that contemporary artists in South Asia often respond, explicitly and implicitly, to storytelling in their art practices. The works selected will provide entry points to thinking about the relationship between earth and the heavens, as well as their engagement with myth, metaphor and art history.

Featured artists include Arshi Ahmadzai, Minam Apang, Nikhil Chopra, Anju Dodiya, Piyali Ghosh, Kausik Mukhopadhyay; Rashid Rana, Sahej Rahal, Gagan Singh and Nityan Unnikrishnan.

To find out more, visit the gallery’s website here.