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In Between the Notes: Group Show

August 25-October 14, 2023

Experimenter – Ballygunge Place, 45 Ballygunge Place, Kolkata, India

Experimenter presents In Between the Notes, an exhibition that builds on sonic experiences and aural memories at Experimenter, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata. This exhibition features works by Lala Rukh, Parul Thacker, Superhero Sighting Society (Taus Makhacheva & Sabih Ahmed), Biraaj Dodiya and Samson Young and brings together practices that either directly root themselves within sound as material, or are based in aural influences and training.

The exhibition attempts to create shared spaces of active resonance, emphasizing how we listen remains rooted to what we hear. From interventionist actions such as performative recordings, to the manifestation of sounds and vibrations in personal memories, to ancient philosophies of classical musical traditions and to contemporary renderings that often blur lines between fact and fiction, In Between the Notes, draws from a wide range of practices and experiments with frequencies. How we hear, see and remember music, sound, noise and our environment, both historical and present, emerges as a medium in the exhibition, acoustically connected with each other. Works in the exhibition explore the auditory phenomena, pausing at silences and reflecting on the absences which remain audible.

Find out more about the show here.