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In Search of the Non SIngular: Akbar Padamsee

10-13 February, 2022

Priyasri Art Gallery, Kathiwada City House, 69, Bldg, Sir Pochkhanawala Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Priyasri Art Gallery presents works by Indian modernist Akbar Padamsee titled In Search of the Non Singular.

The selected works bring to the fore the artist’s search for non-singularity through time, space, technology and self. The face, for instance, has been an intellectual haunt for many thinkers. The Levinasian interest in the face as a window into an ethics of being with the ‘other’ is well known. The face, in this collection, appears to mark Padamsee’s artistic search for the reticent and the latent. Padamsee’s beings appear to be constantly enmeshed in a flux of undoing and remaking. In these particular works, made with the intention to proliferate, one may find a search for the elusive non-singular-entities that are not determined by the quality of unity promised by perhaps, a zero. Instead these works are spiralling towards infinity, be it in the manner of systemic disruption in his computer generated work, in the manner of a hazy emergence of the faces in his print works or in the manner of a resistance to be affronted as seen in his later figurations.

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