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Jal, Jungle Aur Zameen: Rajkumar & Shantibai

June 17-August 15, 2021

The Guild, Online

The Guild is excited to present Jal, Jungle aur Zameen, an online collection of paintings by Rajkumar and Shantibai.

Rajkumar and Shantibai, in their careers spanning over two decades, have been deploying the techniques, tools and language of indigenous artistic expressions with newer aesthetics in order to create a contemporary expression that speaks to the tribal and non-tribal worlds alike. The earlier bodies of works by these artists who have been working together as members of the Dialogue Interactive Artists Association, an artist-run organisation in Kopaweda of the Kondagaon district in Chhattisgarh, have strongly responded to the social struggles and atrocities experienced by the marginalised communities around them.

In this collection of paintings, there is an inward shift to the artists’ gaze. Created during the pandemic period, on one hand, these artworks chronicle the daily life and lived experiences of the ordinary citizens who are away from the urban centres, as they make sense of the unprecedented pause brought by it. On the other, they make us revisit the endearing biosphere through the lens of the pandemic as the ongoing crisis has forced us to relook at the human-nature relationship.

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