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The Sindhu Project: Enigma Of Roots By Mahwish Chishty & Gunjan Kumar

June 17-August 15, 2021

South Asia Institute, 1925 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA

The South Asia Institute, Chicago is excited to present The Sindhu Project: Enigma of Roots, showcasing works by Mahwish Chishty and Gunjan Kumar.

The exhibition embodies responses of artists Mahwish Chishty and Gunjan Kumar to explorations of archaeological sites and artefacts in the expansive Sindhu (Indus) watershed, a geographical region stretching across northwest India and much of Pakistan. Through parallel journeys involving familial roots and enigmas of inhabited places across time, Chishty and Kumar bring contemporary art-making into dialogue with excavated forms that contribute to imagining this ancient riverine landscape.

It will be reconfigured for simultaneous exhibition in New Delhi, India at Exhibit320 and in Lahore, Pakistan at the National College of Arts’ Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq Gallery.