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Suparna Pahari Mondal. Day into Night, 2023. Courtesy of Treasure Art Gallery.

Kinetic Symphonies: Suparna Pahari Mondal

January 7-February 3, 2023

Treasure Art Gallery D-24, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi India

Treasure Art Gallery presents Kinetic Symphonies, a solo exhibition featuring Suparna Pahari Mondal. Suparna’s work showcases an essence of contemporary expressionism. Her works of landscape depict the edifices which are sharp and geometric, the futuristic technology is sleek but textured, the landscape is barren and foreboding often resembling a scene from a dystopian future. Within her inconsequential works, Mandal tries to draw parallels between functionality in the cosmic space and the nerve synapses of the human brain rendering in harmonious rhythms.