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Rajesh Wankhade. Process of Supreme Knowledge, 2022. Courtesy of Tao Art Gallery.

Unstructured Pursuit of Perspectives: Rajesh Wankhade & Smita Kinkale

12-31 January, 2023

Tao Art Gallery, 165, The View, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Tao Art Gallery presents Unstructured Pursuit of Perspectives, a group show featuring Rajesh Wankhade and Smita Kinkale. Both artists, in their extremely different and distinctive mediums explore the fundamentality of existence. The works are layered by not just materiality but also in thought, challenging notions of time and space, presence and absence. The end goal for both is to explore the concept of a multi-layered experience in an interconnected universe.

Smita takes layers of plastic, reminiscent of its utility in her childhood village, and converts them into aesthetic models of experiential art. The work is carried forward by imagination and the exploration of the idea of fluidity in perspective. Rajesh uses a more figurative approach where his human forms are moving between various stages of disintegration – displaying the movement between different planes beyond the mere physical. Both make an ‘unstructuring’ happen through their art to create parallels of perspective in the mind of the viewer.

The juxtaposition between the abstraction and the figurative is interesting as it explores the thought of what is material and what is spiritual and its interchangeability. The end goal is to show the unified state of all, stripping away the existing rigid narratives around the uses of matter and roles of humanity.