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Kolte's Legacy: Prabhakar Kolte

16-18 November, 2023

Taj Mahal Palace, Apollo Bandra, Colaba, Mumbai, India

Treasure Art Gallery presents Kolte’s Legacy: The Art of Painting and Seeing by Prabhakar Kolte.

Kolte’s works showcases the essence of contemporary expressionism and resonates with viewers on a visceral level, eliciting an expanse of emotions and sensations. In this composition Kolte’s works are visually exquisite; demanding attention and inviting contemplation. Kolte's profound understanding of the realm of abstraction in art is evident through his practice and oeuvre. By transcending literal interpretation, he navigates the ethereal realm of the non-representational. In his compositions, he invites the viewer to embark on a journey of introspection, where meaning becomes fluid and open to interpretation.

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