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Living Traditions & The Art of Jamini Roy

April 2-May 12, 2023

DAG, The Taj Mahal Palace, Arthur Bunder Road, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

DAG shines the spotlight on National Treasure artist Jamini Roy with a dedicated show titled Living Traditions & The Art of Jamini Roy. The exhibition draws back the curtain on Roy’s distinctive works alongside early impressionistic paintings unveiling a specially curated show that includes his extensive range of subjects such as music and dance performers, endearingly simple images of mother and child, mythology—both Hindu and Christian—that held universal appeal, as well as paintings on terracotta.

With a rich and exhaustive choice of subjects, the exhibition features an overarching range of Jamini Roy works including Christian themes, impressionistic landscapes, and portraits, and his quintessential style that made his paintings so distinctive. Apart from the mythological scenes from the Ramayana and Krishnalila, as well as gods and goddesses, Santhal bauls and ways of life, the artist painted figures of animals—including his popular ‘cat with lobster’—reminiscent of local terracotta toys, that have been included in this show. Women find an important place in paintings by Jamini Roy and they are depicted here in various aspects that define his oeuvre.