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March 26-May 5, 2021

Akara Art, Churchill Chambers, Flat 4/5 1st floor, 32, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Akara Art presents an exhibition of abstractionist works, stringing together an history that ebbs and flows through the ages – from the 1960s through the 1970s and onwards to the 21st century.

Memories Arrested In a Space attempts to initiate a dialogue between iconic Indian artists of across generations and experiences. Zarina Hashmi’s art is a tribute to nostalgia, memory, borders and home while Jeram Patel communicates through forms that are magical, mysterious and dramatic. Others like Arpita Singh, Piraji Sagra, Homi Patel and Jagdish Swaminathan use the intangible eloquence of the post-colonial times to give their art and thoughts a tangible frame. In contrast, artists Sathi Guin, Bhagyashree Suthar and Subir Hati take their realities of the contemporary to create new approaches on the canvas.

Each artist represented in the exhibition echoes their cerebral thoughts, feelings, and gestures onto a corporeal surface using materials that provide a form to the abstract. To find out more, visit the gallery’s website here.