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Parsec: Group Show

March 28-May 21, 2022

Gallery Ark, 1 Krishna Industrial Estate, BIDC Gorwa, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Gallery Ark presents a group show of 19 artists titled Parsec, showing artists such as K G Subramanyam, Jyoti Bhatt and Rekha Rodwittiya along with a younger artists such as Alexander Gorlizki, Roshan Chhabria and Teja Gavankar.

The title of the show, Parsec, is a reference to a unit measure of distance, equal to 3.26 lightyears. The word itself is a portmanteau derived from two words, ‘Parallax’ and ‘Second’ respectively, and literally means ‘a parallax of one second’. In the context of the exhibition, Parsec alludes to the Ark organisation’s evolution through the experience of platforming myriad practises and sharing these with an audience whose experiences and responses have shaped the cornerstones for the next chapter. The show is Gallery Ark’s final exhibition as it transitions to its new role as Ark Foundation, and has been curated by Nupur Dalmia, the curator-director of Gallery Ark as a bookend to the gallery’s journey as one of Vadodara’s leading cultural spaces.

Find out more on the Gallery Ark website.