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Permanent Visibility: Harmeet Rattan

1-31 March, 2022

Prameya Art Foundation, Online

Prameya Art Foundation presents an online show of works by Harmeet Rattan titled Permanent Visibility, as part of its DISCOVER series.

Rattan’s practice is a critique of the hyper-networked surveillance infrastructures that create a parallel social and political order to the assumed complacency of everyday spaces, both public and private. We are constantly being watched, and our biology is constantly monitored and traced, which orders our behavior every waking moment. Rattan develops a material ontology that maps the infrastructure that aids this all-pervading gaze, pointing to a world submerged beyond the scope of vision, a technocratic megastructure consisting of cameras, sensors, laser lights, ultrasonic waves and satellites.

View the works on the Prameya Art Foundation website.