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Surroundings: Group Show

April 26-May 14, 2022

Art Explore, E 55, Lower Gound, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi, 11007

Art Explore presents Surroundings, featuring artwork by Abhijit Pathak, Charanjeet Singh, Manjesh Rajguru and Meesha Holley.

Surroundings explores responses to evolving socio-political and cultural contexts. Contemporary ideologies, politics, religion, caste, creed, regulations, policies, conditions, laws, practices, traditions and events define us as people. Changes to the environment by whatever means redefine how we live and behave. Driven by urgent cultural and socio-political interventions, the artists create a dialogue and respond to these changes by taking a critical and philosophical approach to their surroundings.

Find out more on the Art Explore website.