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Tender is the Night: Youdhisthir Maharjan

November 5-December 11, 2021

Aicon Art, 35 Great Jones Street New York, NY, USA

Aicon Art presents Tender is the Night, the New York debut solo of Youdhisthir Maharjan. The exhibition is a mid-career retrospective of the artist, presenting works that span from 2011 to 2019, with a particular focus on the last five years. Based between Boston and Kathmandu, Youdhisthir Maharjan, works with found materials and reclaimed text, engaging in laboriously repetitive and autopoietic processes – whether that be twisting newspaper into rope, methodically erasing all but certain words from a book, obscuring a text with intricate patterns, or cutting and re-aligning passages to form abstract shapes.

Find out more on the Aicon Art website.