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September 27-October 27, 2023

Vadehra Art Gallery, D-40 & D-53 Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Vadehra Art Gallery presents The Devil in the Detail, a solo show by Delhi-based artist Anita Dube.

The artist’s oeuvre follows the corporeality of our individual and collective bodies, encapsulated in language, memory, history and mythology, by exploring the body as material and consequence, as possession and agent. Her well-regarded use of ceramic votive eyes, otherwise appearing in religious effigies, seek to resist the commodification of images and language, even or especially when accessed through social and political engagement, resulting in a kind of compassion fatigue. Featuring a series of paintings, photographs and sculptures, The Devil in the Detail leverages Dube’s art historical relationship with text as an embodiment of a contemporary pulse, inviting viewers to traverse through the over-amplification and noise of desensitized meanings in speaking truth to power with a fresh perspective, especially considering recent events in post-colonial India, which has seen a rise in resistance by different interest groups.

Find out more about the show here.