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The Egg Comes First: Smita Sahu

November 27-December 13, 2022

Method Bandra, Shop No.5, Pearl Haven Apartments, Chapel Rd, St Sebastian Colony, Mount Mary, Bandra West, Maharashtra, India

Method India presents The Egg Comes First, a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Smita Sahu. This exhibition showcases Smita’s work where she deconstructs and deflects. She permits the paint to move and coalesce without meaning, without thought. Does meaning have to precede every creation? Or can a creation come before its meaning reveals itself?

In this exhibition, Smita builds art works layer by layer, with texture, scratches, creases, random signs and marks, and, most of all, with asemic writing. The result is her personal mantra in paint. Needless to say, all forms and shapes acquire meaning in time and the journey continues.