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The Illusion of Existence: Dushyant Patel

July 28-August 26, 2023

Apparao Art Gallery, No. 7, Wallace Gardens, 3rd Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai, India

The Illusion of Existence is a solo exhibition by Dushyant Patel presented at Apparao Galleries.

Life, the mischievous illusionist, continuously challenges our understanding of self and our relationship with the world, as we navigate the intricate maze of existence, contemplating our interconnectedness and the lasting impact we leave upon the ever-evolving fabric of reality. Within this collection of artworks, you will witness an artist who artfully dances on the edge of perception, inviting you to question the
illusions that shroud our existence and uncover the profound depths that lie beneath the surface. Drawing inspiration from cultural anecdotes, personal experiences, and the world around him, Dushyant Patel skillfully weaves these elements into his distinctive visual narratives.

The show is open at Apparao Galleries from 28th July to 26th August.

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