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The Love Songs of Errantry: Brojeswer Mondal and Parul Sharma

1-9 October, 2023

Bikaner House, Center of Contemporary Art, between Pandara Rd, &, Shahjahan Rd, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Art Incept presents The Love Songs of Errantry, a show by Brojeswer Mondal and Parul Sharma, curated by Prima Kurien. In this show, the artists break free from visual apathy through their explorations of errantry.

Mondal commits to it by venturing outside of human settlements- into the wilderness of the lush mountainous landscapes of Siliguri (West Bengal) and patches of verdure in the bustling city of Kolkata (West Bengal). He becomes a soothsayer for his culture(s)- who must dive and divine the often unseen and unperceived moments of nature.

Sharma on the other hand, explores her errantry by scaling the architecture of the city, to leave behind the pervasive human presence that threatens to engulf her- her ascension into errantry as inevitable as the dystopian future of the city that she leaves behind. The distinct trajectories these artists choose are not the results of detachment from dominant narratives on art or a state of rootlessness but of awareness and acceptance of their relative position as errant within the changing natural and social landscapes of the spaces they inhabit.

Find out more about the show here.