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Time in a Prism: Nabibakhsh Mansoori

January 16-February 15, 2023

Gallerie Nvya,101-103, Square One Designer Arcade, C-2, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Gallerie Nvya opens 2023 with a show Time in a Prism, a suite of harmonious and serenely ordered, landscapes by the Ahmedabad dweller Nabibakhsh Mansoori. The show curated by art critic Uma Nair who authored SH Raza’s Reverie with Raza (Mapin publications & Akar Prakar -2016) is a show that celebrates an artist’s love for his land. Gujarat-born Nabibakhsh does landscapes that hum with colors and dulcet fragments of everyday idioms.

“His compositions nevertheless possess a sense of the remarkable degree of fluidity as well as an in-depth measure of meditative moorings. Ahmedabad dweller Nabibaksh has a deep understanding of pictorial elements of urban and geomorphic forms, subtle shifts in surface textures, and electrifying exchanges between warmer and cooler colors in which all his movements are dynamically interactive, as well as responsive to one another in complex, prismatic arrangement. Rhythmic resonance and the harmonious alteration of giving and taking, life and death all become a part of his gateway to dreams in a landscape,” says curator Uma Nair.

The show will open on 16th January 2023 run for a month and will include curatorial walk-throughs and talks with students of Delhi College of Art, Jamia Milia University, as well as School of Planning & Architecture students and faculty members on different days.