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3-10 April, 2021

Gallery Ganesha, E-557, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Gallery Ganesha presents Traditions in Transition – a group exhibition featuring works by Deepak Banerjee, Ganga Singh, Jangarh Singh Shyam, Japani Shyam, Jayasri Burman, K.S.Kulkarni, Laxma Goud, Neelkant Choudhary, Seema Sharma Shah and Umashankar Shah.

India has a rich history of folk art, where the skills and knowledge of these traditions are passed down through generations from master to apprentice. These traditions have been a source of inspiration for many artists over the years. Some try to revive a tradition while others experiment with a new style that is an amalgamation of the old and new. This exhibition showcases artists whose works are examples of ‘traditions in transition’, where the works are symbolic and soulful, whilst navigating the past through a contemporary lens.

To find out more, visit the gallery’s website here.