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Who Are These Outsiders: Group Show

4-12 February, 2023

XXL Collective, Bikaner House, Shahjahan Road, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Gallery XXL is thrilled to announce a preview of its inaugural exhibition titled who are these outsiders? in New Delhi, in association with India Art Fair.

The exhibition brings together works of Indian and international urban artists for a visceral and landmark event highlighting post-graffiti art in a gallery for the first time in India. Igniting curiosity, who are these outsiders? challenges the precarious nature of conventions, boundaries, and ecosystems that influence the aesthetic composition of an image and what is perceived as fine art in a gallery.

While cognizant of the historical and political narratives of street art in India, the artworks presented are shaped by multiple perspectives of what is understood as urban contemporary. The participating artists have been essential in contributing to urban art in India and are representative of the global street art movement.

Curated by Amitabh Kumar, the exhibition will introduce artist Lady AIKO’s bunnies to India, which were originally created in Banksy’s studio while she used to paint with him in London along with anonymous street artist Daku’s infamous Stop Signs as a commentary on the art market. Participating artists include Anpu Varkey, Aravani Art Project, Daku, Fintan Magee, GuessWho, Ishaan Bharat / Osheen and Hansraj Dochaniya, Khatra, Lady Aiko, Papi Navela, Sameer Kulavoor, and the Trespassers.