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Within Confines: Shivani Aggarwal

November 25, 2021-March 20, 2022

Studio Art, W-16 Okhla Phase II, Third Floor, Delhi, India

Studio Art presents a solo show by Shivani Aggarwal, Within Confines. In this exhibition the artist proposes a new way of looking at emptiness: an everlasting space with infinite possibilities. Meticulously created during the pandemic, these artworks range from bold outlines on paper— defunct ordinary objects that measure and do nothing— to ‘malleable’ heavy wooden sculptures to the delicate copper-wire yarns, each stitch hand-crocheted by the artist. The latter being a sprawling, organic structure, twisting and turning, floating and dissecting space and time. Here, it has been arranged in such a way to allow the viewer to be immersed within the mesh-like cover, acting as a fragile, almost intimate shield between our inner and outer worlds.

Find out more on the Studio Art website.