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An Artist Imagines a Sustainable Future: Faiza Hasan

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Winner of the first-ever ‘The Future is Born of Art’ Commission led by BMW India and India Art Fair, Faiza Hasan has made the all-new BMW iX into a canvas of her own in which the community is central to sustainability

“What I have chosen to depict on the BMW iX, it’s a gathering or a coming together of sorts,” says artist Faiza Hasan of her design for ‘The Future is Born of Art’ commission. Representing the brilliance of the night sky, the car titled ‘Suno’ pays homage to people from all walks of life. “When it comes to sustainability, it’s important to acknowledge the stories of different people that we encounter and who are also stakeholders in this process,” she adds. 

The first all-electric BMW iX exemplifies principles of sustainability throughout its lifecycle. Right from production to the road to the end of its life, the iX is a green machine through and through, making it a perfect canvas for an artist to imagine a future of the next generation. Urdu words in gold lettering that spell out ‘umeed’ or ‘to hope’, ‘tasawur’ or to ‘imagine’, ‘nigehbaan’ or ‘to safeguard’ and the title, ‘suno’ or ‘to listen’, are placed amongst portraits of people from our community, and add to the car’s sustainable philosophy.

In this BMW Artist Film, we speak to Faiza Hasan about the role of artists in inspiring change, and what it means to listen. 

‘Suno’ by Faiza Hasan will be showcased at India Art Fair 2022. She is represented by GALLERYSKE, and currently lives and works in Hyderabad, India.