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Tell Us Your South Asia Story

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Join us in celebrating South Asia in all its glory with #FeaturingSouthAsia on Instagram — and be inspired by the many stories that make its culture

On India Art Fair’s Instagram, join us on a global art tour as we spotlight the most exciting people and places in South Asian art across the globe, from Sydney and Paris to Delhi and Dhaka.

If you’re South Asian or simply in love with its culture, we encourage you to share your South Asia story. Whether it is everyday culture like the food you are eating, book you are reading, the jewellery your mother may be wearing, a photograph in your phone gallery from a family trip, birthday, wedding or simple street scenes, or a favourite artist, artwork, musician or writer who has inspired you, join the conversation no matter where you are.

There are many South Asias and we can’t wait to learn about yours. Share your story on Instagram using #FeaturingSouthAsia, and tag @indiaartfair to be featured on our stories!