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Gagan Singh: "I Sometimes Envision When I am Drawing that I am Doing Stand Up Comedy"

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The Delhi based artist is probably the funniest thing to happen to pen and paper — watch him take to his sketchbook and Instagram page to question the nuances of humour, wordplay and drawing itself

Gagan Singh is a man of few words, “I feel the world is boring… there is too much routine”, he says. Hand him a pen and paper, and it is no longer the case. Inspired by his immediate environment, he is quick to scribble his thoughts into comical drawings and sketches. His distinctive style imbued with dry humour cuts to the point of human nature, offering quick-witted, satirical commentary on everyday life and relationships.

Lately, the principal outlet of Gagan’s work has been social media. Although as he captures all he sees and sets it free on his Instagram, he admits “I could have something even more meaner, more ridiculous, more insane and crazier in my sketchbook!”. He also finds himself occasionally drawing on buildings, public transport and airplanes too. “An idea can come any time” he says, describing these miniature works as “little tattoos” or marks he leaves in the city.

In this BMW Artist Film, we join the artist on a day-long excursion as he tells us about his creative process — including how he makes himself laugh.

Born in 1975, Gagan Singh currently lives and works in New Delhi. He is represented by Chatterjee & Lal and was an Artist in Residence at India Art Fair 2020.