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Devika Sundar

Imagining the Impossible: Devika Sundar

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Join Devika Sundar, the winner of the ‘The Future is Born of Art’ Commission by BMW India and India Art Fair, as she shares her visionary design for the BMW X7 — and be inspired by the limitless possibilities of what the future holds

With her awe-inspiring design for the BMW X7, the winner of the prestigious ‘‘The Future is Born of Art’ Commission’, Devika Sundar presents a breathtaking vision of the future. Titled Boundless, she blends the human body, cosmos and ocean into an imaginative universe in her artwork, reminding us of our shared humanity and collective interdependence.

A response to Forwardism — a core BMW value — her design evokes universal feelings of transcendence and awe. “Awe’s power lies in its ability to make us feel connected to something much larger than ourselves, through binding us to one another,” says Sundar, who believes that artists have a critical role to play in shaping a better world, outside and within.

In this BMW Artist Film, Sundar invites us on a journey to a boundless future and taps into the power of art to awaken our sense of wonder. 

Devika Sundar currently lives and works in Bengaluru, India. Her design for BMW X7 explores the role of art in fostering human connection, and will be unveiled at India Art Fair 2023.