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A Small Part of the Big Picture: Group Show

October 20-November 16, 2022

Method Bandra, Shop No. 5, Pearl Haven Apartments, Chapel Rd, St Sebastian Colony, Mount Mary, Bandra West, Maharashtra, India

Method Bandra presents A Small Part of the Big Picture, a group show featuring a diverse range of works from five participating contemporary artists, including Anuradha Bhaumick, Tushar Kanoi, Shreya Parasrampuria, Shivani Vyas and Koyal Raheja.

The group show reflects upon the beauty and pain, the burden and joy, of being a small part of a much bigger picture in our lineage, homes, societies, and beyond. In the vastness of existence against the history and future of time, we are utterly insignificant. Yet, we are a ripple in this wide expanse. Each momentary choice of community, solitude, building up, tearing down, action and inaction, contributes to the pushing forth or deterioration of society, perhaps even of a universe. Each artist participating in the show brings their own interpretation of what our existence means when it comes to the larger universe we are a part of!