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Infinite Light: Paresh Maity

5-18 November, 2022

Art Alive Gallery, Bikaner House, between Pandara Rd, &, Shahjahan Rd, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Art Alive Gallery presents Infinite Light, a solo show by contemporary artist Paresh Maity. Infinite Light is India’s largest solo exhibition to be ever showcased. Spanning nearly four decades of Paresh Maity’s artistic oeuvre, the show opens at Bikaner House, Delhi, on the 5th of November, before opening in other galleries and cities across the country.

The artists’ work is going to go on display at a one-of-its-kind curated exhibition spread across Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Bangalore, that maps Paresh Maity’s creations over time, journeys and experiences, aesthetically translated across mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, film and installations, as well as via his quiet and lifelong preoccupation with ceramics.