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Liminal Spaces: Group Show

September 9-November 15, 2022

Galerie Isa, Ground Floor, Kamani Chambers, Ramji Kamani Marg, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Galerie Isa presents a group show Liminal Spaces, featuring Tom Anholt, Ian Davis, Rabia Farooqui, Emma Fineman, Arthur Lemaitre, Radu Oreian, Hiroe Saeki and Waswo X Waswo with R.Vijay. Each artist brings their own individualistic style to create works of powerful imagery, leaving viewers to create their own meanings. It is in the liminal spaces that the artists have been able to construct their parallel realities, while simultaneously challenging the viewer to interpret this visual information uniquely and differently, each according to their own viewing and experience.

This exhibition is part of Art Night Thursday which takes place in Mumbai on the 8th of September.