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TAT TVAM ASI: Seema Kohli

October 26-November 6, 2022

S.A. Fine Arts, Gallery 11, 4, Cromwell Place, London, United Kingdom

S. A. Fine Arts presents TAT TVAM ASI by Seema Kohli.

‘TAT TVAM ASI’ – you exist in everything, and the universe exists within you, forms the core
of this unique selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, etchings, and serigraphs, including
hand-painted archival prints based on Seema Kohli’s video and performance art. Each work has a
narrative and an insight into Seema’s oeuvre, which is predominantly based on the theme of
‘Shakti’ – the energy.

Seema Kohli brings to light the intricate connections of divine energies in our body and in the Universe through her work.