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October 14-November 15, 2022

Gallery Art Positive, F 213 B, Old M B Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Gallery Art Positive presents ‘Colour me Blue’, a group art show curated by Anu Bajaj.

This exhibition poses many questions: how differently does the colour blue relates to one’s psyche and introspective journey? How do contemporary artists use it to break the prevailing norms and beliefs related to it? The exhibition also explores perceptions of the color blue. Would one describe it as something different than what they feel when you hear the word blue, or read the word blue on a page? Is the information communicated by a hue different from the information communicated by its name? Whatever one feels, is it possible that feeling is universal? Or does the color blue mean different things to different people? And what about animals? Do they associate color with emotion, or do they use their color receptors only for survival?