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Into the Gathering Night: Gopi Gajwani

3-14 November, 2022

Exhibit 320, F-320, Old MB Road, Chatri Wala Kuan, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Exhibit 320 presents Into the Gathering Night, a solo exhibition of abstract artist Gopi Gajwani.

The exhibition presents some of the most recent works by the artist. Whether he works in charcoal or acrylic, or employs pastel or
Chinese ink, or renders his paintings in oils, or explores a combination of charcoal and watercolour, Gajwani invites us to savour the electricity of the line that he teases into currents and stipples, into staccato rhythms and glissando sequences. He harvests fields of colour for us, which can be plangent or percussive, tranquil or flamboyant. He remains intensely aware of the prime question of legibility for the audiences viewing the works.

As we gaze at, and into, Gopi’s works, we find ourselves marvelling, yet again, at the infinity machine that is abstraction. Collecting the fragments of minds, objects, sense impressions and worlds into itself, forming constellations of shallow and deep, darkness and luminosity, the abstractionist’s paintings invite us to stand apart – even if for a brief and momentarily redemptive moment – from time’s relentless onward flow, in which all things must eventually dissolve.