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LIGHTLINES: Kavan Balasuriya

September 30-October 29, 2022

Saskia Fernando Gallery, 41 Horton Pl, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Saskia Fernando Gallery presents Lightlines by Kavan Balasuriya.

The exhibition features drawings, engravings, and pictures made with ink and aluminium foil. Balasuriya is curious about the manner in which material and metaphorical values overlap and explores this perception in the collection.He is inspired by the patterns and textures of architecture found in urban and rural settings, and the relationship these design elements share with the craftsmanship of textiles.

The main body of this showcase is about Balasuriya’s experiments with aluminium foil. The use of this material began as an interest in the lifespan of everyday consumer products and he initially used polythene and aluminium packaging to experiment with.