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Making Visible: Ayesha Sultana

September 23-October 29, 2022

Experimenter, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharastra, India

Making Visible, a solo show by Ayesha Sultana marks the inaugural exhibition of Experiementer – Colaba and Sultana’s first solo in Mumbai. Delving into her interest in showcasing a body of works that includes paintings, sketches and sculptures, the show strives to understand the relationships between space, architecture and emotion. Making Visible contemplates the void in between thought and action, inhalation and exhalation, twilight and darkness, and how such momentary interludes may offer possibilities of holding space as an emotive force. A body of paintings of the sea and a seemingly infnite space beyond, inarguably refer to personal emotions as well as to a constant return to looking at water as an amorphous, shape-shifting medium that holds more than what is apparent on its surface.