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Qissah-e Kabul: Arshi Irshad Ahmadzai

September 9-October 29, 2022

Chatterjee & Lal, Floor 1, Kamal Mansion, 01/18, Arthur Bunder Rd, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Chatterjee & Lal presents Qissah-e Kabul, a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Arshi Irshad Ahmadzai. The paintings are inspired by the architecture, gardens, poetry, and court paintings that flourished in the Mughal court at Kabul; they are representative of the era’s cosmopolitanism, with the coming together of multiple aesthetic influences. Each of the artworks tells a story of their own. The works in this series were all painted in 2021 when the artist was living in Afghanistan with her husband and his family. The exhibition comprises those works that she was able to rescue while fleeing Kabul after the Taliban’s siege of the capital.