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On the inimitable spirit of life: Nayanna Kanodia

November 19-December 19, 2022

Treasure Art Gallery, D-24, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Treasure Art Gallery presents On the Inimitable Spirit of Life, a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Nayanna Kanodia. Kanodia plays with satirical tones that bring out the hypocritical beliefs our society seems to hold when it comes to modern values in a light-hearted fashion. She makes an unforgettable social commentary on how we behave, perceive, and occupy space. The world is so true, naked, and ludicrous that we catch our breath as we recognize it.

Her visuals provide a frame through which you peep into these painted snapshots of ordinary people with a myriad of fantastical elements like the creatures of wildlife propping up in compositions like a flamingo at the foot of the couch, a zebra peeping in through the window, monkey eating a banana crouched behind a woman. This synthesis of reality with fantasy, of lush green with a synthetically crafted interior, is meshed in a dreamlike nuance. It may be perceived as an ironic juxtaposition of what the balance of ecology has become today or the sheer vibrancy of the composition as a whole clasp on to a utopian vision that cradles a sense of harmony amongst the living.